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Due to the rather high number of foreign visitors we created this site.

General information:

The Groomer Academy is a non-profit organisation with the experience of 40 years teaching groomers.

One of our teachers and member of the German Groomer Association (BG e. V.) is the very well known World Champion Jacqueline van Tilburg-Leinders (Netherlands)

The difference to other "schools" in Germany is the way we teach grooming. We have a real school with desks and the dogs we need are our models. The dog owners are offering their dogs for the training of our students and in turn they mustn´t pay anything for our work.

We believe that  anyone can become an expert in his of her field, through intensive training and personal coaching. Our instructors and assistants are experienced and they want to pass on their passion and knowledge.

All courses are led by experts in their field who continuously improve and execute their own knowledge in their daily activities as a judge, breeder, dog handler and last but not least as a groomer. They are specialists in grooming of specific breeds and also consultants who aim to share their professional knowledge and experience with you. Our teachers invest continuously in their own professional development to make sure they always adopt the most recent techniques.
Your time is valuable, especially if you are self-employed. For this reason we offer daytime courses, evening classes and also ‘personal  coaching’ (one or multiple sessions at a moment that suits you best).

We will start working with theoretical explanations as less as necessary and maximized practical work.  At the end of your personal  courses you will be able to start your new profession immediately.


Raising your talent is our aim and passion!


Our range of courses

- Complete training as a dog groomer

- Improvement of basic skills

- Specialty courses to advance specific breed skills

- Knowing, recognising and the application of the correct techniques

- Speed training to achieve time targets

- Management (customer relationship management), pricing, selling products and offering further services.

- Dog´s health


We can offer lessons in several languages: German, English, Dutch.

Feel free to contact us.


New offer: Learn to groom your own dog!

A certified groomer will teach you how to properly groom and maintain your dog’s coat. We will show you all the equipment and techniques needed to groom your dog on your own.


·        about the needs of your dog’s coat

·        how to use specific tools and products

·        bathing and drying methods

·        types of haircuts based upon your dog’s breed.


Working along side one of our certified groomers, will give you the confidence to use these learned skills on your own. 

Whether you want to handle all your dog’s grooming needs or learn how to keep them properly maintained between professional grooming, this is program is right for you! 

Each session generally runs between 2-4 hours.  The amount of sessions needed are based upon your breed of dog.

Feel free to contact us for more information.




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